In addition to our world-class wild rice, we offer a variety of additional gourmet food products to help your dish amaze and delight the taste buds. 

Pure Wild Rice

Wild Rice is a complete, natural food with high nutritional value, protein and fiber content, while being low in fat.

We know you will find the exact grade of our wild rice perfect for your culinary needs - it is the caviar of grains!

Dried Beans

Great additions to soups. Excellent to pair with meats.


Bold flavor that is different from fresh mushrooms.

Dried Tomatoes

Great for sandwiches, salads, pastas, pizza sauces and more!


Great side, breakfast, or mixed into salads and soups.


Great for sides, salads, soups and as beautiful garnishes.


All of our nuts are carefully prepared & expertly shipped.


Rice-shaped pasta pieces that cook to be tender & delicious.

Rice Blends

Expertly crafted blends of our rices, grains & pastas.

Specialty Rices

Offering a variety of specialty rices from all over the world!


Just the thing to draw out the best flavors of gourmet dishes.