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Nature's Wild Rice

Specialty Rice

Whether you need our Specialty Rices for your business or are just a passionate cook that's interested in exploring new varieties and flavors, our rices are a perfect fit. Nature's Gourmet Foods offers a variety of Specialty Rices from all over the world. Browse our choices and try something new!

  • Carnaroli (10 lbs)

    Carnaroli (10 lbs)

    10 - 20 lbs..... $4.89/lb
    30 - 40 lbs..... $4.79/lb
    50+ lbs........... $4.69/lb
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    10 lb bag

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    SKU: TM4JXP1Y46
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    Carnaroli is an Italian rice known for being the traditional ingredient in making risotto. It is similar to Arborio, though it has a longer grain and a higher starch content, as well as being firmer. Carnaroli is nice and plump with a creamy texture.

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