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Nature's Wild Rice

Rice Blends

Nature's Gourmet Foods offers expertly crafted rice blends of our specialty rices with subtle use of other grains and pastas mixed in. Our blends are the perfect foods to have on hand in the kitchen when you're looking for something tasty that can be made quickly, or in a professional kitchen when speed is a factor.

You have the choice of your order being just your rice blend, or if you would like, we can include mild chicken based seasoning packets. Chicken and beef tabs of seasoning are available, too.

  • Cranberry Celebration (10 lbs)

    Cranberry Celebration (10 lbs)


    10 lbs

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    The perfect rice blend for Summertime or holiday get togethers, Cranberry Celebration blends together light and sweet flavors. Nature's Wild Rice blends jasmine rice, fluffy brown parboiled rice, earthy wild rice, wild pecan rice, slivered almonds and sweet dried cranberries.

    A special side dish for your Thanksgiving turkey. This was developed for our chefs with that holiday in mind.

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