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Nature's Wild Rice


Nature’s Gourmet Foods has been proud to expand its list of products beyond just rices. We are now offering over 10 different kinds of grains in addition to a myriad of other products. Each of these grains make for a great side, a tasty breakfast, or to be mixed into salads and soups.

Be sure to check out our rice blends, which feature several tasty grains in their mixes.

  • Quinoa - Natural (White) (10 lbs)

    Quinoa - Natural (White) (10 lbs)


    10 lbs

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    Nature's Wild Rice now offers three varieties of the hottest new food, quinoa! Quinoa (keen-wah) has been taking the country by storm over the last few years due to its high protein and fiber content, its versatility in the kitchen, and being vegan friendly.

    Natural (White) quinoa is a good all around form of the grain, while black quinoa is slightly sweeter. Red quinoa holds its shape after cooking, giving it great presentation.

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