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Nature's Wild Rice

Dried Mushrooms

Nature’s Gourmet Foods offers 6 varieties of dried mushrooms including 2 incredible blends. Dried mushrooms offer a very bold flavor that is different from fresh mushrooms. They are perfect for making your stir-fry much more bold, livening up your pastas, and will add a rich flavor to your stews.


  • Stir Fry Blend (1 lb)

    Stir Fry Blend (1 lb)

    Sliced shiitake, butter, cloud ear, oyster, shredded woodear.

    1 lb bag

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    Just the thing for your finest stir-fry, we combine our dried mushrooms that best combine with vegetables and the savory flavors that come with stir fries. Our stir fry boasts sliced shiitake, butter mushrooms, cloud ear, oyster mushrooms, and delicious shredded woodear.

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